Jul. 15

M.I.A for a bit

Category > Fun

Just an FYI that my husband and I are headed to the Prairies (Saskatchewan) to celebrate 100 amazing years with his Grandma whose birthday was in April. The reason why we’re going back to see her now is because we are also attending a family reunion! I am super excited to see everyone.

In anticipation of the reunion and having always heard the entire family rave about Grandma’s culinary skills, I took on a side project of locating all her most revered recipes and created a blog for her (with a special thanks to some amazing cousins/aunts/uncles). At the reunion I’ll be handing out some small business cards with the web address so the family can always keep her recipes close by. It was a MUCH bigger undertaking than I thought, especially having to decipher the hand writing while typing them out. Nonetheless, I went live with it and just updating them whenever I get a spare minute.