Sep. 10

Best Abs Routine-Part I

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One of the most important things to remember is that doing 1000 crunches a day won’t give you abs or get rid of belly fat. There is a phrase I often hear and it’s that “Abs are made in the kitchen”…this is true for the most part, however it is also hugely important to incorporate cardio and ab exercises to really make them defined once you’re in the final toning stages.

Even if you aren’t seeking abs, these will build a strong core which is important for keeping your body healthy and protecting your spine. When I do this, I do one of two challenges: I either set my gymboss interval timer to 1:00 min intervals with a 0:15 sec break and try to complete as many reps as I can within that time challenge, then I try to repeat the whole routine twice. Or, on the days when I have more time, I do as many as I can until my body gives out. In addition, always stay focused and don’t worry about what you look like or who is watching. Concentrate on your core and really feel the muscles with each contraction. Also, don’t forget to breath – I find that when I really start feeling it, I have caught myself holding my breath :) Without further ado, let’s get into Part I of my favourite abs exercises:

….oh wait, before I get started – one last thing…RESULTS ARE HIDDEN IN THE BURN. So, if you’re doing an abs routine and stop as soon as you start “feeling it” – kiss your workout goodbye. You must muster through the pain – that’s where the results are hiding. If it were easy, everyone would have them (sorry for the tough love):

1. Ab crunch on a ball:


2. Abdominal reverse curl:
I use a heavy dumbbell placed behind my head to hold on to. Alternatively you can use any stable support to hold on to.


3. Weighted crunch:
I use a 3 or 5 lb dumbbell


4. Bicycle Kick:
Do 10 slow kicks, followed by 10 fast kicks to really feel the burn


5. Cross over toe touch:


6. Jackknife:


7. Oblique v-up:


8. Weighted Russian twist:
Be sure to pause when you come centre to ensure that you’re not using momentum to get you over.


9. Side bridge:


10. Ball rollout:


11. Oblique v-up with ball:


12. Plank:
This one used to be a hated exercise by yours truly, turned into one of my favourites. If you can’t hold it for long, DO NOT get discouraged. Try to hold it 2 seconds longer each day.


Keep me posted on how you did and look out for Part II…a strong core isn’t just about ab exercises ;)