Sep. 23

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Since launching this blog, one of the most common requests I’ve been getting is to do a beauty post/regime. I have always LOVED makeup – maybe it stems from my years of dance and recitals (no, my mom wasn’t one of those funny dance mom’s), but I’ve always been fascinated by watching the older girls apply their stage makeup, then, turning towards my mirror to try and do the same before a show. It didn’t always turn out the greatest as a kid haha ;) Being a closet artist, I also feel like makeup application is a form of art and when I see a perfect wing tip liner or flawless bronzer/blush blend, I really appreciate the talent.

Without further ado, here are my Holy Grail makeup products to be succeeded with some tutorials in a future post. The order of which I feature these favourites is in the same order that I apply them.

  • Important to note here that I don’t use a face primer. I LOVE the thought of a good primer and what it does for your makeup because it prolongs the wear, but I haven’t found one that I love (feel free to leave suggestions below). The issue I’ve had with the dozen that I’ve tried is that I feel it clogs my pores and makes my skin very dry making it hard to apply the rest of my makeup. Literally, the same day I’ve ever used a primer, I notice a lot of problems start. As soon as I discontinue it, the issues go away. It’s strange…
  • After my moisturizer has sunk in a bit, I go in with a concealer to cover up an blemishes. My two favourites are ‘DiorSkin Scuplt Lifting Smoothing Concealer – 002-Linen’. I also really love ‘Smashbox – High Definition Concealer – Medium’. The smashbox one has more coverage if you need it. I also prefer that the Smashbox one squeezes product out. I’m not keen on using product with a brush (like the DiorSkin one) because I feel it gets dirty and ends up contaminating the product over time. Just a personal preference.

  • Then, I start with foundation. This one isn’t new to anyone because I rave about it all the time. I use ‘Diorskin Forever Flawless Perfection Wear Makeup’. The colour I use is 031–Sand (medium golden beige/ for medium light complexions with yellow undertones) most of the year, but if we’re on vacation and I am tanned, I use the 040-Honey Beige. If it’s the dead of winter and I am pale, I go with 021-Linen. It truly is a couture-inspired liquid foundation that provides sun protection (has SPF 25) and a flawless, second-skin finish for all-day wear. A tip for this; while it blends really well, you should work with it quickly and not let it sink in because it sets (dries) quicker than others I’ve tried. It has a medium to full coverage. I layer it to really get a perfect finish and erase any redness/scars/blemishes but it never feels like it’s caked on.

  • To complete my “canvas prep”, I go in with the ‘Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion – Original’ on my eyelids. This is BY FAR the best primer (this coming from the girl who never believed in primer). I can do a heavy dark smokey eye or natural light eye and I have yet to see it crease while using this primer.

  • Okay, now that I’ve got a blank slate, I go in with the colours! I start with my bronzer and use it to define/create cheekbones (I am not blessed with defined bone structure, so I need to fake it haha). I use an angled bronzer brush to create the illusion. Since I don’t like to make it look like I’m wearing bronzer, I use one that is only a few shades darker than my skin. I love the ‘NARS – Laguna’. In testing it on my hand in the store, I could hardly tell that I had it on, but it is perfect for my face. It’s also a really good product that lasts all day! I love that it is matte and doesn’t have a lot of shimmer in it.

  • Next up is my blush. I LOVE blush, always have, always will! I must have over a gazillion different blushes sitting under my bathroom sink, but the one that never leaves me is the ‘Bobbi Brown – Peony’. I found this one in Germany last year and couldn’t believe how gorgeous the pigment was. It is a silky formula with a matte finish. It lasts all day long (even through a workout). I apply this to the apple of my cheeks lightly and just layer it from there to get a desired blend and fade.

  • The order of this may seem odd, but this is when I go in with a powder to set everything. The reason why I use powder for setting after my bronzer/blush is because I use a translucent powder. I remember looking at the ‘Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder’ in Sephora for about a full year before buying it (I figured what do I have to lose with Sephora’s amazing return policy). This powder is completely translucent and can be used on any skin tone…for me, that’s like MAGIC! It sets foundation and slightly mattifies skin without changing its natural contours. It also softens the appearance of imperfections & completely evens out the complexion for a glowing, radiant look. I apply it with a Kabuki brush to help blend everything together well.

  • By now I’m sure you’re wondering how long I’m going to keep going on for, but it’s about half way done at this point. Next up are my eyes. Similar to my blush fetish, I have a ton of eyeshadows as well. However, there is only one sitting on top of my counter and it is the ‘Urban Decay – Naked Palette’ Surprise, surprise…this one is on every beauty bloggers favourites list – that’s because it truly is a fantastic versatile palette. My daytime eyes are usually very natural and I tend to use the left side of the palette most (virgin, naked and buck are my fave colours). However, I have a major addiction and love for smokey eyes (use buck, darkhorse, hustle and creep) to create my smokey look. If you don’t already have it, run to your nearest store and get it….like, NOW. Thank me later ;)

  • Okay…if you said “describe Maja and Makeup in one word” to my closest friends, they would instantly reply with “EYELINER”. I used ‘L’Oreal Lineur Intense Brush Tip Liquid Eyeliner’ for about 10 years. I think I can do a perfect wingtip liner in the dark by now (no kidding). The brush and formula of this one allows you to create the perfect tapered tip and gives you full control of the line. The issue I have with it is that the formula claims it is all day wear – up to 8 hours. For me, my days are about 16-18 hours long and you can tell by the time you get home that this one doesn’t last. Growing bored of the cat eye look, I started playing the field. I’m settling for ‘Sephora’s Retractable Waterproof Eyelinger – 01 Black’. This one outlasts my crazy days, goes on silky smooth and is the perfect intense pigmented black that I love. Honourable mention also goes to ‘Make Up For Ever – Aqua Eyes – 0L Mat Black’. It is formulated to glide on effortlessly and withstand the most extreme conditions, it stays put on eyelids without melting. My only qualms is that you need to constantly sharpen the pencil to keep the tip pointy which ends up wasting a lot of the product.

  • Mascara is up next! My all time favourite happens to be ‘L’Oreal Voluminous Original Mascara – Carbon Black’. I don’t know why, but I just love the simplicity of the brush; it’s a perfect size for my eyes. The pigment is an intense black to really make your lashes pop and the formula lasts all day long. For a more luxurious mascara (that definitely feels like luxury), go with the ‘DiorShow Mascara – 090 Black’. Love everything about this one, but I find that it either dries out quickly or I must just use more of the product than normal people, because it runs out fast for me. Given the price tag and how long it lasts, it’s the only downfall. If neither of those two things bother you, this would be the better of the two. Honourable mention in mascara goes to ‘Maybelline – Volum’ Express The Falsies – Black Drama’ - When I want bolder, thicker, longer, more dramatic lashes – this is my weapon of choice. I couldn’t believe how great it was, especially for the price! For my lower lashes, I use the ‘Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara’. It’s tiny wand makes it perfect for getting the bottom lashes without looking like a racoon when you’re done.

  • Next, up is my waterline (which I don’t usually use this for every day wear), I love ‘Urban Decay – Demolition’. I know what you’re thinking…A black eyeliner and brown waterline? No, I’m not crazy, I just feel like having brown instead of black on my waterline makes it look a little more natural. These pencils are waterproof (so it’s perfect for the waterline) and velvety smooth when applying. I bought a 5 pack around the Christmas season with all their popular colours and 9 months later, I’m only half way through the pencil!

  • Since I have really dark hair, you would think I would fill in my eyebrows with a matching colour, but I actually go one shade lighter because they look crazy on me if they’re too bold. In my recent trip to NYC, I fell in love with ‘Sephoras Waterproof Retractable Brow Pencil – 03-Rich Chestnut’. It’s got to be the worlds tiniest crayon, which threw me off at first, but PERFECT for getting into thins areas. Really, really love this product.

  • I do my lips last & should probably pay more attention to them than I do, but I’ve had such a difficult time finding the product that doesn’t enhance my lips natural redness. Honestly, I could put a taupe/muted colour and they would come out bright red. Alas, the journey in pursuit of a pigmented colour that stayed true was over when I found the ‘MAC – Lip Pencil – Oak’ which I use for lining and fill. On top of that, I go over with the ‘MAC Cremesheen Glass in Boy Bait’. Honourable mention to the ‘Revlon ColourBurst Lip Butter’ line. My Favourite colours from there are the Creme Brulee, Creamsicle and Cotton Candy.

And voila… those are my favourite products! It’s not to say they’re the only ones I use, but definitely my all time favourites to date. Do you use any of these? Have you tried any of them and changed to a different brand? I LOVE reading your feedback below.