Sep. 24

Lunchbox love

Category > Food

I’m going to do some pretty regular lunchbox posts to share some ideas for keeping it clean during the week by making your own lunches. Remember that getting into the routine will take some getting used to, but it will become second nature soon enough. In fact, I think I almost forgot my purse one day, but have never forgotten my lunch bag :) You’ll notice that all my lunch containers are glass. It’s worth the investment to get yourself some glassware or BPA-free plastic due to the slew of serious health hazards recent studies have shown related to BPA found in plastic. Mine are ‘Glassware, by Snaplock’.

7:15 am – Arrived to work (had VegeGreens and a Protein shake while getting ready, then a bowl of oatmeal once I finished)
10:30 am – #1: 0% Natural Greek Yogurt with Frozen Raspberries that had defrosted by the time I ate them
1:00 pm – #3 & #6: Steamed Sweet Potato (my favourite) and Homemade Guilt Free Lasagna heated up in the microwave
3:30 pm – #2 & #5: Blueberries and Carrots
5:30 pm – #4 & #7: Protein Shake and a Homemade Granola Bar. I got hungry on my way home and glad I packed the extra snack. This prevented me from any cravings!

This took me a total of about 7 minutes to wash and prepare. I usually pack a lunch when I am cooking dinner – I just make a bit more than what we’re planning to eat for dinner and pack it away in the fridge as lunch.

What was in your lunch box today?