Aug. 05

Surprise Update!

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Life is full of surprises – today’s surprise brought to you by HautePNK is that my husband and I are expecting our first little bambino! We are over the moon excited and it’s been insanely tough to keep a secret. Alas, being in my 19th week, it’s hard to keep under wraps any longer.

How we found out:
While I named this post “Surprise Update”…it wasn’t much of a surprise at all. We had initially planned on trying to conceive (TTC) at the tail end of last year, but that was side tracked with me needing to get my MMR immunization since I’ve never had the chicken pox. When you get that shot you need to wait 1 – 3 months before TTC. We waited 4 to be on the safe side. We were lucky enough (and I do count my blessings daily) for it to happen very quickly. To the point where I hadn’t even thought that it would be possible for the first month so I hadn’t even planned on testing until one morning where I had this funny feeling and decided to test. To my shock it was positive instantly – I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT and actually had to sit down for a second before my legs gave out! We had initially planned on testing when we were both awake, but I really wasn’t expecting it so I figured there was no harm. After a few minutes I ran back to the bedroom screaming Chad’s name and by bursting into the room, he knew something was up – he was super excited and extremely supportive when I feel into a state of shock shortly thereafter. I was overjoyed – don’t get me wrong – but I can genuinely say that there was some sort of pit in my stomach from being so shocked. It last about an hour before sheer, overwhelming happiness hit me again. I went about my day at work with a pep in my step and smirk on my face…and it’s been like that ever since.

The first trimester:
Morning Sickness: Since I’m well into my second trimester, I figured I would give a summary of how the first 3 months played out. Working in a very corporate environment where I give many presentations and participate in a ton of meetings, I was petrified that “morning” sickness would pipe up at the least desirable times, i.e. in middle of a presentation. Luckily enough, I did not get sick even once! There were many times that I felt nauseated, but not enough to threat physically throwing up. My nausea was typically brought on by any strong food smells. Frying eggs one morning almost had my husband kicked out of the house haha (thank goodness he’s so patient with me).
Food Aversions: This one was pretty strong for month 2 & 3. The thought of any foods or my old favourites would throw me into a state of extreme nausea (short lived, but strong). It seemed that the only food I could fathom was anything plain. Plain pasta, crackers, toast…anything along those lines. While the first trimester is critical for development I knew how important it was for me to still try to get down some quality food so I still had my Greens+ every single morning, and Fish Oil. My main source of protein was an all natural protein powder and had an odd craving for cottage cheese. I would have to say that the food aversions and nausea would flare up whenever I was under some stress from work or something. It was funny how I felt 100% perfect while we were on vacation in Turks&Caicos away from all the hustle and bustle. So, my only word of advice for anyone going through this is to try and keep calm and remove any stresses as much as you can. Albeit, I understand it’s not that easy and I am so grateful for these two symptoms being quite mild.
Sleep?: …this symptom wasn’t quite as polite as the last two and was most definitely the most noticeable. I would say around the 6/7 week mark I just couldn’t keep my eyes open. It was crazy!!! I would get home some nights and just crash without even changing out of my suit! I’d wake up around 9pm just to wash up, change and get right back into bed. This was a tad annoying because I couldn’t do nearly as much as I was used to. This also triggered some friend suspicions because I was just MIA…busy sleeping. On that note, thanks so all my family and friends for being so understanding without knowing what was going on at the time ;)
Skin: I probably went through a 2 week period (around the 2 month mark) where my skin flared up a bit, but nothing significant or really noteworthy. It’s since returned back to normal and I haven’t really noticed any changes in the physiology of it either.
Gym: Sadly due to sleepiness, the gym took the hit, going from 5 – 6 times per week down to 2 – 3 time. A couple of weeks it may have only been 1 – 2. My routine didn’t change too much in the first trimester, but has needed to adjust now that I’m in the second (i.e. no laying on your back etc.). I was able to keep up with cardio by taking many walks (between naps) – so that felt nice. It is definitely important to stay active, but honestly don’t beat yourself up over not being the exact same. You need to listen to your body!

Here is a pic from our 12 week ultrasound which had us burst out laughing. It actually looks like he/she is waving and smiling. It’s so surreal. 

I thought it might be nice to do monthly posts on my updates etc. with the standard format many other expectant mama’s do. Even when I wasn’t pregnant I loved reading these blogs and their posts. Here’s my first shot:

How Far Along: 18 weeks 5 days

The Baby is as big as a: Large Mango (6 in, .5 lbs from head to rump – still too hard to measure the legs)

Countdown: 21 weeks 2 days to go!

EDD: January 2, 2014 (My darling little New Years Baby)

Maternity Clothes: I’ve been living in my Belly Band for the last 1. 5 months. I feel like I’ve definitely popped a TON in the last 3-4 days, so today my bestie and I went out for my first maternity clothes experience. Epic Fail – but I did manage to pick up a few t-shirts and 1 cute peplum top that can double as a maternity top. Another friend recently suggested some great online stores, so I think I’ll be going down that route this week. I knew maternity clothes were bad, but honestly, not THIS bad. I envy those who work from home or can be casual most of the day. I struggle with needing to be in a professional attire with this belly that just came out of no where. Any suggestions – PLEASE comment below.

Sleep: Has been GREAT aside from waking up 2 – 3 times a night to use the washroom. Luckily that doesn’t phase me as I can fall back asleep instantly. I also purchased a Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow a few weeks ago and IT IS SOOOO COMFORTABLE. I may never go back.

Best Moment of the month: There were MANY. Telling all our family and friends was so exciting and we had some fun with how we announced it with a few people. I also felt the first flutters this past week! I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E. I can’t wait for my husband to be able to feel it from the outside. Until then, he remains insanely jealous.

Food Cravings: MEAT. I’ve turned into a massive carnivore. Obviously ensuring that I am only buying good quality Organic meat – I can’t get enough…with one exception. Chicken…hate chicken. I also crave and eat a ton of salad from our own garden with green onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, dressed in a red wine vinegar and olive oil. Love Kale too! My guilty pleasure has been chips…tostitos to be exact. Mainly because there the only brand of crunchy goodness without MSG, but I don’t give in too often, but they are delicious!

Food Aversions: Other than chicken (as noted above), fried scrambled eggs grosses me out still.

Symptoms: Out of breath from walking up the stairs. Luckily it’s not inhibited any cardio – I just breath like an overweight man haha.  No stretch marks yet. I am using Mama Mio oil and cream, but I am also relying on genetics. Neither my mom or sister had any, so I am hoping I follow in their footsteps. Always hungry…but I’m keeping it in check obviously. I’ve read a ton about women and heartburn. I’m either lucky or attribute it to a clean diet – no heartburn to date (fingers crossed because I HATE heartburn). The only noticeable symptom has been the stretching ligament sensation. It feels like cramping, but subsides pretty quickly. Looking back last week when I was having this pain frequently throughout the day, it makes so much sense now when I see how much I’ve popped. At least now I’ll be more prepared for the next growth spurt.

Movement: Thought I felt a butterfly sensation last week, but I think I suppressed it thinking there was no way, but the feeling became very predominant this week and I can distinctly feel teeny tiny little pokes a few times throughout the day. It’s such an amazing feeling. I can’t wait to be able to feel it from the outside and sharing that with my husband.

Gender: I admire men and women who can keep it a mystery for 9 months, but I am just not one of those people! I am dying to know and have my anatomy scan next week. I am counting down the days!! This entire time I’ve had NO CLUE or “motherly instinct” as most describe it, however in the last couple of weeks, I am feeling more towards a boy than a girl. We’d both be so happy with either as long as he/she is healthy!! That’s honestly all I can pray for (plus, you can put boys in ballet too, so it’s a win-win either way ;))

I just got my H to take this pic (pardon the missing baseboards, we’re renovating) – I honestly don’t know when this happened?! Let’s hope they don’t get my H’s 10.5 lb baby genes.

Hope you have all been well!!! Any tips for this first time mama? Any books or documentaries you loved?