Aug. 12

It’s time for a VOTE!

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One of the most exciting things for me in the last few weeks has been watching the calendar for my 20 week Anatomy Scan! I’ve heard amazing things about this scan in being able to see so many details (hands, feet, heart etc), but I can’t help but also be EXHAUSTINGLY excited about finding out whether we will have a little boy or girl. I’m also so grateful for my family and close friends who have shared in the excitement and listened to me talk about it non-stop lately haha.

One of the funnest things has been hearing people’s guesses about what they think. I had no clue there were a million old wives tales out there. To fill you in on a few of them, here is how I stack up. Place your vote below, I would LOVE to see the responses.

Old Wives Tales Hints:
1. Based on the Chinese Predictor Calendar – GIRL
2. Sleep Position – I prefer sleeping on my right side.
3. Upset Stomach – I didn’t’ have any sickness throughout my pregnancy so far.
4. Soft or Dry Hands – My hands are dry.
5. Adult Acne – I’ve had no face breakouts.
6. Graceful or Clumsy Pregnancy – I have been extra clumsy!
7. Face Weight Gain – I haven’t noticed any significant face changes.
8. Sugar and Spice Food Cravings – I am craving salty snacks.
9. Mood Changes – I have no mood swings.
10. High or Low Pregnant Belly – I am carrying a bit on the lower side.
11. Baby’s Heartbeat – It was 142.