Sep. 04

NYC Shopping Haul

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With a skyline that’s recognizable worldwide and more than 8.25 million people from all corners of the globe who call it home, New York City is one-of-a-kind and my personal favourite place to shop!

This past labour day long weekend my husband and super amazing friend Ashley ventured to NYC for a mini vacation and to celebrate her birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MASH!). I plan on doing a sequel to this post outlining the trip in general, but for now here is my shopping haul!

First up, a pair of True Religion Jeans! They fit like a glove and I especially like that the stitching and back-pocket detailing isn’t as loud as some of their more popular/signature looks:

Next up is a Rosegold bangle from Express. It was an impulse buy when I was waiting in line at the counter because it was unique and good addition to my jewelry collection. I also got this this gorgeous necklace that is a knockoff to one that I have been meaning to buy (a favourite of Veronika’s Blushing). I was walking down a street in SOHO, the street vendor caught my eye and was mine within 15 seconds:

Those who know me well, know that I am usually always cold. As such, I LOVE scarves. They’re so cozy and warm. I have a big selection of scarves and these three add to them.  From left to right: H&M Zebra print; J Crew Grey with Blood Orange Keys/design; Random Street Vendor in SOHO for the Skulls print (my mom has the Alexander McQueen version of this scarf – which surprised me because she is so conservative), but I LOVE it to add some edge to a simple outfit:

 Some random small souvenirs for friends/family. I usually collect a magnet from anywhere we travel to:

Super excited for these! I have been wanting the Tory Burch Reva’s for a while now, but just hadn’t gotten around to it (sounds crazy, I know). From what I hear they’re super comfy. I wear flats into work each day and change into heels once I get here. Great addition to my flats collection:

Sequin tank from Express. Something about how bright this top is drew me in – I stepped outside my comfort zone and got it (it also comes in a bronze/gold hue):

Next up is Century 21. Last time I was in NYC, it was a huge hit for me – this time around, I was hugely disappointed. Nonetheless, I found a few things. The weather is unpredictable this time of year, so I grabbed some tights just in case I wake up one day and it’s nylon weather. From left to right, Adidas gym socks (I LOVE coloured socks); Anne Klein footsies when wearing flats. The nude ones have a nice cushion on the ball of the foot – bonus! Super cute Kate Spade tube socks for the heck of it:

This is one of my favourites that I purchased from Bloomingdales! It’s a cotton  3/4 length Burberry jersey. It is black and you can flip the sleeve cuffs up to reveal their signature pattern. There is a very light logo stamped at the bottom left side as well. I am not big on wearing clothes that are annoyingly branded, but this was subtle. Another bonus (which is was sold me on the shirt in the first place) was the overall length. I am pretty tall and it’s hard to find shirts that are a good length. Thanks to Ashley for pointing it out for me!:

Here are some beauty items I purchased from Bloomingdales, MAC and Sephora. One of the most requested blog posts is a beauty one, so here’s a taste, but I definitely plan on doing a more detailed post on my regime soon.
1. Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleanser: this is an incredible product. I tried a tester while I was in Germany last summer and laughed at the idea of putting oil on my face to cleanse. Alas, I found myself out of my face wash and was forced to try it. I fell in love. You put a tiny amount on your palms, apply it to a dry face and gently rub. Rinse with warm water and voila, a perfectly clean canvas – WILD product!
2. Amazing Cosmetics – Amazing Concealer: this one is for my sister. It has always been her favourite line, but I think it was discontinued in Canada. When I saw it in Sephora I had to grab it for her. I tried the tester and it is an ultra pigmented concealer. I should have bought one for myself for blemishes, but wasn’t thinking…oh well.
3. MAC – Cremesheen Lipgloss in ‘Boy Bait”
4. Diorshow mascara in ‘Black’ (090)
5. Sephora brand eyebrow pencil in Brown: The tip on this pencil is so tiny, so it’s great for filling in the thin parts of my brows
6. Sephora brand waterproof retractable eyeliner pencil in black: I also use the Aqua Eyes pencil liner…but this was an impulse purchase. I prefer the Aqua Eyes brand though (lasts longer too)
7. MAC lip pencil in ‘Boldly Bare’: I apply this under the gloss

This is another favourite. It is a dark navy/violet dress by Aqua purchased at Bloomingdales. When I picked it up I laughed at the girlishness of it, but when I tried it on I fell in love. The back line scoops lower than the front neckline which is unique and the lace is right up my alley:

I saw this Paige Denim (Vermont) jacket at Bloomingdale’s last year while traveling to Philadelphia at the King of Prussia mall. I fell in love with it! At the time, I thought it was a bit pricey, so I opted out. This past weekend I was on the prowl for it because it was one of those items I regretted not getting and couldn’t stop thinking about it. Sadly, it wasn’t in stock…On our way home, I got a Bloomingdales email saying there was a big 40% off sale, so I figured I would humor myself when we got home to look online for it. Low and behold – they had XS sizes available. Originially this was around $220, but I got it for $110 because of an additional 20% off PROMO code I found on RetailMeNot in addition to the store sale. MEGA MEGA MEGA EXCITED! It ships in 6 days and I can’t wait to wear it in the Fall:

I’ll leave you with a few funny shots from the Paparazzi (aka my husband). The focus I have in these candid pics made me laugh…ahhh NYC – I love you!
Quick refuel before we continue…I told you I ALWAYS bring snacks with me wherever I go. This was a Passion Team Lemonade from Starbucks….minus the sweetener and lemonade, so basically just an iced Passion Tea. I also had a purse full of cereal bars. 

Stayed tuned for Part II – where we went, what we did and tons of photos. What’s you favourite place to shop?