Aug. 28

5K Runner

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I’ve never been a runner, but always wished I could be because running is such amazing cardio. It’s strange; I could sit on an elliptical with the resistance at 100% and incline 100% for an hour before I would have been able to run for 30 min straight.

I recently encountered a sudden enthusiasm to get over that mindset that “I could never be a runner”. Sometimes you need a bit of a push or coach, so I downloaded an app called ‘5K Runner’, by ‘Heavy Duty Apps that has proven to be uber impressive!  I understand there are a ton of varieties out there and I am sure that they all train you in the same way, but I’m just reviewing the one I had personally downloaded. Find it HERE

The principal is simple; it starts you off with a 5 min warm up and then takes you through a sequence of walk/run reps, always ending with a 5 min cool down and stretch. Over the course of 8 weeks the walk/run reps slowly decrease the walk time and increase the run time. You don’t even realize that it’s really happening.  The only condition is that you STICK WITH IT! Like everything in life, it won’t come easy and you just need to commit yourself. It suggests that you do 1 set every other day. When I started, I wanted it so bad that I was doing 2 back to back every day, but lost 4 – 5 lbs within a week. I didn’t want to start eating more so I just cut back following the suggested frequency of 1 every other day (case and point that running really IS amazing cardio).

Another great feature is that you can listen to your music at the same time and when it shifts you into the next run/walk set, there is a bell that tells you what to do so you never really have to keep looking down at your phone.

Before I go, the one last thing I want to leave you with is the importance of good shoes. I have a fair share of super cute bright and colourful shoes that I train in, and they’re fine for that, but you should really invest in a pair that are good for cardio and running. I am addicted to Asics because they perfectly adhere to my high arch and my knees never hurt in them.

Alas, I still wouldn’t classify myself as a runner, but I am one step closer! Have you ever tried this type of program? Did it work for you?