May. 31

Wedding Season – Dress Shopping

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May/June usually marks the start of an active Bridal Shower/Bachelorette/Wedding season. This year so far I have 3 weddings, which doesn’t hold a candle to the 8 weddings I had last year. I personally really enjoy them and have a lot of fun seeing the blushing bride and groom having the day of their lives. Not to mention the whole “play dress up” part…any excuse to wear a dress, I’m first in line!

Last weekend marked my first wedding of the year with a childhood friend that I’ve known since we were very young. She is such a beautiful person inside and out and she was beaming. Everything from her hair, gown, accessories and decor was beautiful. While I have quite of few dresses/gowns, I was in the mood for something new (one of those days) and popped into BCBG MAXAZRIA to browse around last minute. I was hankering for a long, black silky type of gown, but no such thing and I didn’t have the time to shop around in more stores. Instead, here were the few options I picked out. I usually take fitting room pics if I am alone, just to get a second opinion via text from my husband or a friend.

First up with this one shoulder black dress. I really loved this one, but it didn’t fit perfectly around my waist creating the illusion of being a bit bigger. If I went down a size, it was too tight around the top. Other than the fit, my favourite feature was how clean and sleek it looked and the one shoulder ruffle. I had to pass…

This one was a bit too casual for a wedding in my opinion, but I liked that I could also potentially wear it to the office. I also loved the neckline. There is something about deep circular necklines and square necklines that I LOVE. (I typically overlook v-necklines). The fit had the same problem as the first dress in that it was too big around my waist, one size down made it too tight around my thighs and bum. I had to pass…

There was something about this dress that I ABSOLUTELY loved!!!!! It went against the cardinal rule, which I very much respect, of NO wearing white to a wedding, but it wasn’t as white as it appears in the picture. It was cream/tan. My plan wasn’t to try this one on for the wedding, but rather a nice flowy summer dress. It fit perfectly and was just so romantic. The only downfall was the pricetag of $350, for me it was too much when I only intended to wear it casually to BBQ’s etc. I had to pass….

Last up was this taupe silk, floor length gown with a front slit and gold chain embellishment around the halter neck. I did NOT have high hopes for this one when I saw it on the hanger, but grabbed it in desperation. I’m glad I did, because I fell in love with it! I don’t have anything in this colour and much less in floor length dresses, so it was a nice addition to my wardrobe. It was $550 on sale for $400, so it was still pricey, but nice to get the discount. THIS WAS THE WINNER…

I debated wearing my hair up for a while, but was persuaded by my husband who loves when I wear my hair down. This shot sort of shows the back, it was just a simple halter.

I went with VERY simple accessories…I usually do, so this isn’t anything new. I wore a few rose gold bangles to compliment the neckline and matching taupe/gold strapey shoes I bought for a wedding last year. I’m wearing Essie’s “Mismatched” on my toes (this is one of my all time favourite colours against my skin tone). My earrings (pictured in the next shot) were just long simple gold cascading earrings.

I did a golden/smokey eye makeup with lots of bronzer to give it that sun kissed look.  Unfortunately I forgot to put any lipstick on before we left, but I used MAC Jubilee lipstick (don’t mind how bland and muted my lips are here). My nail colour was Essie’s “California Coral”…this was by accident because I didn’t have time to redo my nails, so it happened to be the colour I was wearing from the days before. I don’t hate the punch of colour and thought it ended up adding some flare. If I had the choice (or time for that matter), I would have matched with my toes in Essie’s “Mismatched” or “Ballet Slippers” which has a slightly more pinkish undertone.

What are you preferences for weddings? Long or short? What is your favourite colour for this Spring/Summer? I am hoping to find something in a punchy coral for my next wedding, but may end up just going to the vault for something I already own.

I’m currently wrapping up an AMAZING vacation in Turks and Caicos, but have a DELICIOUS recipe for Protein Pancakes when I get back…along with a “Vacation Workout” post.



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