Aug. 24

What’s in my lunch box?

Category > Food

As a continuation to my last food journal post, I wanted to share a regular meal that I pack each evening for the following work day. I wasn’t kidding when I say that I always prepare meals ahead of time and have no shame in carrying a little lunch bag through the office building (even though my colleagues still tease me about it).

8:00 am – Arrived to work (had quinoa flakes with a protein shake for breakfast and of course my VegeGreens)
10:30 am – Apple with the carrots
1:00 pm РTuna w/ potato and steamed the broccoli (note: all my tupperware I use is glass, especially the ones I warm up in the microwave)
3:30 pm – Protein shake w/ water and Oatmeal
4:30 pm – Home Time!!

This took me a total of about 6 minutes to wash and prepare. I felt great the whole day – no heavy meals from the fast food places. On top of it, I likely save about $20/day by making my lunches as opposed to buying them at the food courts downtown.

What was in your lunch box today? Thanks for reading and I hope everyone has an amazing weekend! Be sure to check back in as I’ll be posting one of my favourite ab workouts – I am still feeling it TWO days later, so you won’t want to miss it :)